Monday, August 16, 2010

RSA Courses in Australia

RSA Courses in Australia
Check before doing any RSA Course in Australia, particularly an Online RSA Course. Many states in Australia don't accept online RSA courses or don't accept RSA Certificates from other states. Sound confusing? Look at what some RSA Training providers have in the small print of their pages: and then contact us to make sure you do the right RSA Course for you.
Some confusing quotes from RSA training providers websites regarding Online and other RSA Courses:

"The National Unit of Competency provided by this online course WILL NOT meet these special requirements for New South Wales.
"Not valid in TAS, NSW or QLD."
"The nationally recognised qualification is NOT for people working in New South Wales (NSW), (NSW LAB approved required in a face to face class– not available online), Tasmania and NOT for people in Victoria ...or the Licensee of the business in any States."
"The Tasmanian Commissioner for Licensing has advised he will not accept qualifications received online."

Which RSA Course do you need??? Contact us to make sure you don't waste your money on the wrong course.